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This dehumidifier is designed for controlling the ambient temperature around the mold.  The dry, cold air is blown into the mold chamber to minimize that causes condensation problems.   The dehumidifier fills the mold chamber with cold air and totally eliminates condensation on...
Perfect yield, few waste material , and even. Suitable for precise and complicated products. It's the best choice for high quality demand. Polygin, polyhedron, and other complicated products. Especially in sports , medical, automobile, and electrical applications.
Specifications: Type: Gravity Cup: 400cc Nozzle: 1.4mm, 2mm Air cap arguille: 10 Description: High-Volume Low-Pressure Spray Gun
It generates data of original shoe last by scanning the lasts with scanning wheel, then transfers the data files to other shoe last manufacturing machines or design software for subsequent use.
Combination Speed Control Motors of us series.This product is a combination of separate controller and speed control motor,Just connect with a one-touch connector.
Specifications: Thickness:4mm Base: Neoflex waffle foam Covering: nonwoven taibrelle Size available:mens#6-13 (US) Character: .Waffle air ventilation design ensure efficient air circulation and good hygiene .Excellent cushion .Comfort and endurance .Waffle design absorbs shock
1、The machine suitable for thick rubber sole, sole of working shoe, high heel sole and sole of mold wedge etc. , for grinding roughen use. 2、Auto feeding and simple of operating. 3、The machine adopts the conveyor which being with elastic little round rod and can be adjusted the grinding r...
1. The Automatic position-setting system (Pat. No. 11878) is equipped on this machine to adjust the high or low position of the last-support, in order to easily and precisely make the adjustment, and reduce upper waste or damage. 2. Switch for adjusting shoe sizes: This switch is used for autom...
1.This machine applies MCU and MMI(man-machine interface)system,so can auto-detect main data,auto-count,auto-stop&give alarm when machine failure,auto-stop spraying either in empty working position or yield reaches the setting &#118alue. 2.Photoelectric device detects length of paint-spraying par...
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Established in 1994,HengShui HengDa Leather Co.,Ltd is a joint venture enterprise, specializing in PU coated splits. Our equipments and technology are both introduced from Kroea and various kinds of test equipments are self-contained. The quality of our products reaches the advanced level compare...
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Founded in 1997,Sens Fashion Corp., Ltd. is located in Xinji City of Hebei province, renowned as the 揊ur & Leather City of China? It is a large-scale garment company mainly engaging in leather garment and cashmere wears with the independent import and export right. It takes an area of 10,000 squa...
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Angel Leather Machinery Co.,ltd was established in 1998, which is located in Houjie, Dongguan City, Guangdong province. It covers an area of 4,950 square meters, specializing in manufacturing surface spraying equipment of leather. With reliable technical backup and advanced manufacturing equipmen...
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The hot melt glue is new type environment friendly glue which is widely used inmany industries.It also has been widely used for the gluin g and laminating.
Automatic temperature control device. Gum and advanced system possible solution to the traditional melt the carbonation is hot melt adhesive systems, as the first precision coating, thinnest accuracy up to 0.005mm, save a lot of hot melt adhesives, coating width adjustable and a maximum width of ...
The Generator can heat up things instead of primary power. And can also replace fuel-oil operating bakeout fumace for leather shoes heat setting. Flow-line dying tunnel and Pu-sole production line dying tunnel. Hence. It can help reduce production cost.
Pressure 50Kg/cm 2 Heating power 1.74kw Power 2hp Capacity 1500~1800 pairs/8hrs N.W. 1320kgs G.W. Gross weight will be provided when delivery. Dimension (LxWxH) 1770x 980x2000mm Packing Size (LxWxH) ...
1. To meet various productions, the mold carrier is designed as one station one mold, flexible to use different kinds of molds for production: 1 mold 1 pair/1 mold 2 pairs/ 1 mold 3 pairs (small size) even stacked mold with 4 pairs to reach high production. 2. Twin cylinders direct press to ens...
We manufacture leather products such as oil polymer acrylic, acrylic polymers, and multi functional special polymers, and they are often widely used in Re-chroming, Neutralization, and Retanning. Besides, these can play excellent efficacy in every leather products.
It was well sold in domestic for the beautiful and practical shape, high quality especially with the advantage of lower noise, economical power consumption and excellent perform-ance.Also our products start to export to the world
Including sheepskin, goatskin and cattle hide shoes-face leather and suitcase-face leather.
excellent leather